May 26, 2007

Sports Day

Today was Sports Day at Little Brother's school. The official Sports Day is in October, but some schools have it in May.

This is the first time I have seen the national flag flown at the school, so I wanted to take a picture of it. Actually, it's a better picture of this old lady's hat. There was no way around her hat! She wouldn't move and I couldn't! Any way I moved I would've been blocking grandmothers on camp chairs.

They all could have been sitting here. Older guests could sit in padded chairs in the shade under a canopy.

All of the students had to sit in the sun. Little Brother was on the white team this year. Their hats are reversible. The other side is red. He was on the red team last year.

Here are the students' chairs. They carried them from their classrooms and carried them back afterwards.

By the way, the white team won this year.

Check the posts for May of last year to see more about Sports Day events.

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