October 21, 2007

Kitten Give-Away


If you're following this blog, you know that we rescued four little kittens on 9-11. We decided we could keep two kittens. Two needed homes. How did we decide which kittens to keep? Little Brother picked his favorite, an American Shorthair, from the very first day they came to our house. That little kitten had her favorite-- her brother who looked just like her.

Our vet posted the pictures of the black kitten and the gray kitten with white socks on the internet. Both of them are really cute and sweet. A couple living in Yokohama saw their pictures and drove all the way to our neighborhood to meet them at the vet's office.

Two other families wanted to have an appointment to see them, too. We chose the young couple from Yokohama because they wanted to have both kittens. We were very happy that the two sisters could stay together!

We drove to Yokohama to deliver the kittens but also to see if we still agreed to let the couple have them. The vet told us not to let them have the kittens if we didn't like their apartment or them. Their place was very small but they will move to a big place soon.

They had bought a big cage with three levels for them. (They will have to stay in a cage a little while each day until they are older.) They also bought them a fancy water dish. It circulates the water. The kittens drank in it before we left. We felt happy that we found them a good home and good people.

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Here are the four kittens with our two dogs. Papa said there would be no place for us to sit when the cats got bigger! That was already true. See Little Brother lying on the floor?

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