October 17, 2007

Wakame Snack

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This is a wakame snack. It comes in its own little plastic tray. There is also a moisture absorber pack with it. Who wants soggy wakame?! The strips are chewy like gummy bears. It's a little sweet, but I think it smells like pickles.

This is the package. It's small. It is only 10 x 14 cm. This wakame is ume flavored. Packages are on display near the register at my grocery store. This snack can also be found at convenience stores in the candy section.

A toothpick is included on the back of the package. You use it to pick up and eat the strips.

Holly Thompson and Kazumi Wilds have a new picture book coming out called The Wakame Gatherers. It is published by Shen's Books. Check back in the next weeks to find out more about wakame. The author and illustrator may post something here!

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Kris Bordessa said...

And just what IS wakame? Is it seaweed?

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

it's kelp! sorry I didn't see this question earlier!