April 05, 2009

Full Color

When Papa left for work this morning, he said it was going to be a warm day and a good day to view the cherry blossoms. Maybe. Any day is a good day to view cherry blossoms. Even when it's raining! Yesterday was a good day. These pictures were taken yesterday. Click to enlarge.

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There is other spring color. This is momokiku, peach chrysanthemum. The flowers look like chrysanthemums. They are a good shrub to put along a fence because they don't grow to be large. They are blooming now along this street. The one in our garden isn't. It might not be getting enough sun.

This shrub is called red robin. New growth is red. This shrub will grow to be very big.

Ours in our garden are doing very well. They were pruned in January and have new red growth.

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vegetablej said...

Pink water. I remember spring pink water in the castle moat. Spring is little glints of light and dazzle everywhere. Thank you.