April 18, 2009

Jon Agee's Workshop

Jon Agee came to Tokyo to visit international schools. He visited our SCBWI Tokyo chapter, too. Here he is with advisor, Holly Thompson, and illustrator member, Patrik Washburn. That's member illustrator Patrick Gannon looking on.

He gave a presentation showing us how ideas evolve. He talked and drew at the same time! It was amazing. His stories are great. They are funny and have surprise endings. Look at his books on his website. More of his books are available at Amazon.

Here are some of the people who attended the workshop. Most of them are holding up the work they did at the workshop. We all enjoyed it. He is very entertaining. He does school visits. To find out more click here.

BTW, that's not the moon shadow that's been following me around lately. It's Holly's arm. She was standing on a chair to take a picture of the group.

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