May 14, 2006

Allen Say's Visit

Allen Say has illustrated and written many picture books that feature Japanese subjects. He visited a group of children's writers, SCBWI, today in Tokyo. I have admired his work for a long time, and it was an honor to listen to what he had to say. I took this picture while he was talking because I didn't know if there would be time afterwards. There was time but I spent it getting three of my children's books autographed. His new book is called Kamishibai Man. I have posted the kamishibai that we borrow from the library. You can also have a look at Kamishibai For Kids or The International Association for Kamishibai.

Our local library here has several of Allen Say's books in English. We checked them out many times over the years. We also had our own copies of some of his other books. Big Sister and Little Brother were happy when I showed them that he had signed their books. Baba and Aunt (they live downstairs) were impressed by his books.
(I got his permission to post this picture).

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