May 06, 2006

Dinner Delivery

When I need a holiday from cooking, I can order something from a restaurant and have it delivered. Dinner is delivered on a tray covered with saran wrap. It is placed on the back of one of these motorbikes. (Our guy takes the saran wrap off the tray in the garden before he presents it to us). See the green thing at the top? It is lowered down over the tray of food to cover it. There is a spring on this carrier.

It moves as the bike moves around corners. We usually order soba or noodles. Amazingly, nothing is spilled and the tray is dry. Maybe he cleans it up before he rings the bell. Actually now that I think about it, each bowl is covered in saran wrap.

On holidays and weekends these delivery men can be really busy delivering lunch and dinner. Yesterday was Boy's Day so we figured our usual take-out place would be busy. We went to the Mexican restaurant about 30 minutes away by car (one way). Real Tex Mex. Not traditional Boy's Day food but one of our favorites. It turned out it was Cinco de Mayo!!! Yea! We got to celebrate another holiday.

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