May 16, 2006

Kamishibai Story Cards

The cards are put in the wooden theater. The title card is #1. After the title is announced, card #1 is slipped out and placed in back of all the cards in the theater. The first part of the story is written on the back of card #1. The Kamishibai Man or storyteller reads this as the audience is looking at the picture on card #2. The back of card #1 has the words that go with the picture on card #2. See the card with the small black and white picture with the Japanese writing next to it? That is the back of the title page. It is the first part of the story and it goes with the picture that has a #2 on it. Instead of flipping pages, the storyteller flips the cards out of the wooden theater after reading them. He puts them at the back behind the other cards.

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