May 15, 2006

Yakitori Man

This yakitori man pushes his cart out of this parking lot and rolls it down the street and around the corner several blocks. He parks on this side street next to this store parking lot. It is near a train station. He sets up to start grilling chicken on skewers. Yakitori means "grilled chicken". Some men sell yakitori and yakiniku or "grilled meats". It smells so good and it tastes good, too.

At the end of the night commute when the trains stop at 11:00, he rolls his cart back around the corner and down the street to the other parking lot. He does this every afternoon and night in every season. Do you see him behind the blue curtain? He's not ready to open yet. He will open the curtain more when he's ready to start selling. The white lettering on the curtain says "yakitori" in hiragana.

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