September 21, 2008

Eco Style

Instead of the usual styrofoam cups, Cup of Noodle has a refill pack. This cup is plastic and can be used time after time. The noodles are in a plastic package on the left.

We can go to their refill site and download and print some covers to change the look of the cup. (The middle of the cup twists out.) The website is in Japanese, but who knows, all this may be coming your way. If it hasn't already! The main Nissin Foods site can be read in English, but it doesn't mention Eco Style. I linked to their Food Safety section.

The illustrated instructions of how to make the noodles are on the bottom of the box. See the "Peace" sign at the end? What a nice touch! A nice gesture! We do that a lot here. Esp. when someone takes our picture.

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