September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday in Kanji

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Baba, grandmother, had her 81st birthday on August 31st. This chocolate piece was on her cake. I posted one of these a long time ago. It is the most popular HTJ blog post. At least ten people a week do a google search to find out how to say "Happy Birthday" in Japanese.

In that picture, "Happy Birthday " is written in hiragana. Here, "Birthday" or otanjoubi is written in kanji on the first line. The second line omedetou is written in hiragana. The third line says "baba" in hiragana. It was all chocolate. Little Brother ate it. Big Sister was still in the States with Papa. (They usually share chocolate cake decorations.)

We all missed Papa's birthday cake today on September 1st. He was too jet-lagged to celebrate his birthday. His cake from 31 (Baskin Robbins) is in the freezer.

Check out Kids Web Japan for more information about the Japanese writing systems. The Kids Web Japan site is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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