September 22, 2008

May We Have Your Attention

Bamboo strips and a sign mark a spot of interest at Jindai Botanical Gardens. That's a light post in the center. It's pretty typical of light posts here. The sign says to look closely on the ground.

Here's a closer look. "X" almost marks the spot. That's a little mushroom peeking out around the knot tied around the bamboo. There's another mushroom on the right. People did stop and gather around to look at them.

This mushroom was in another area. It's camouflaged. It looks like the log that it's sitting beside. There was no marker for this one. It went unnoticed even though it was spotlighted by the sun.

These photos were taken on the 10th when it was sunny. It is typhoon season. It is rainy and unusually cold today in Tokyo.
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