September 17, 2008


I just got a copy of Moribito by Nahoko Uehasi. The English version came out this summer. It was translated from Japanese into English by Cathy Hirano. The English version was published by Arthur A. Levine in the United States. I found out about the translation from Cheryl Klein's blog. She edited the translation. (She also edited the Harry Potter books.) In a blog post, she showed all the care and detail that was involved in making the book. The artwork is great and the book itself is beautiful.

I've read half of Moribito and it's great! Click here to read the description from the publisher. Click here to read about the production of the Japanese anime.

It is advertised on as a young adult book. I'm halfway through the book and so far I think it's appropriate for all ages. How old were you when you read Harry Potter? Anyway, you may want to get a copy to keep for future reading! The beautiful hardcover edition would be great to have in your personal library.

When we were in Texas, we looked for Moribito at bookstores and it wasn't on the shelves. I asked at Barnes & Noble in Dallas and in Fort Worth and the clerks said they could order it for us. We waited until we came back to Japan and ordered it from Japan.

We'll get the Japanese version, too. In the Author's Note at the end, the author describes the setting as a "fantasy world that carries the scent of Japan." I'd like to hear Big Sister's impression. Maybe she'll report here on it. She's going to have exams soon so it may be a while.

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