October 07, 2008

A Bride

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Today was our 18th wedding anniversary. Here I am in a wedding kimono. We rented it at the shrine. There were cranes, branches of ume (plum blossom), take (bamboo) and matsu (pine) embroidered on the fabric. The kimono was mostly purple with a lot of gold threads. Purple and gold were my high school colors. I didn't choose the kimono because of that. Most of the other kimonos were red. I didn't want to get married in a red kimono.

It's hard to sit in a kimono. There were many layers tightly tied together by a thick wide belt called an obi. By the way, that's a wig and I'm wearing very white make-up.

P.S. The computer has been down for a while. I may go back and post some things for the beginning of the month.

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