October 28, 2008

Digging Potatoes

Children from Big Sister and Little Brother's old kindergarten were digging potatoes today. I couldn't take a picture of them because of privacy issues, so I dug out their old school shovel. The big one was Jiji's, Grandpa's. The children wore their gym clothes and rain boots when they dug potatoes. They took home a bag of potatoes. We made a curry and stew with ours.

Here are the tops of the potato plants. See the crow? He is heading toward the holes where the children dug. Maybe he'll dig around for some small potatoes.

Here is the farmer digging and preparing another field. This is not the field behind our house and he is not our vegetable man.

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Kristine said...

I absolutely love your blog! My family was able to visit Japan three years ago and long to return. My eldest daughter is now attending Japanese school on the weekend. Your blog gives us a little bit of Japan right in our own home. Thank you!

Will your family be celebrating Halloween? I hope you will post some photos.