October 24, 2008

In Tokyo until December 14th

Big Sister finished exams and had a day off today. (She's in high school.) We went to this exhibition at The National Center of Art, Tokyo. It is located in Roppongi. This is a free handbill. There was a shop at the exit of the exhibition. We bought postcards and bookmarks. We also bought a package of New Year's money envelopes. They have different Picasso paintings on them. There was also a shop downstairs. There were several coffee shops. It was an interesting building. Check the website.

It was nice to see some of his work again. Little Brother went with us when we went 10 years ago. He was only two, but he enjoyed it. He picked out several postcards to buy.

He was quite heavy as I remember. I had to hold him up so he could see the paintings and drawings. You're never too young to enjoy art!

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