October 31, 2008

Pumpkin Hunt

We usually order a pumpkin from FBC (Foreign Buyer's Club) for our Halloween party. The pumpkins are grown by Japanese farmers and then FBC delivers them. This year I forgot! A few flower shops and food departments in department stores have one or two pumpkins for sale in October. This year I had to go on a pumpkin hunt. I found one at a flower shop several stops from our station. I had to carry it home in my shopping bag. I sat on the train with this big round bag on my lap. It was really heavy! I almost had to roll it home! I had to carry it with both hands because I was afraid the straps would break. We wouldn't want to eat pumpkin pie for Halloween! People noticed me. They looked and smiled when they saw the orange pumpkin sticking out the top of my bag. My neighbor said, "Oh, it's Halloween." Japan has changed a lot.

It's the biggest pumpkin we've ever had in Japan. I put a deck of American playing cards next to it so you could tell how big it is. The flower shop clerk decorated it with black tape. The "X" near the top means that this pumpkin was hit over the head. An "X" is used in cartoons, too.

I bought these cookies for Little Brother and Big Sister's snack. The party is tomorrow. The cookies are from Viet Nam.
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