September 09, 2007

PET Bottle Machine

At first glance, this looks like a drink machine.

It's actually a place to put PET (plastic drink) bottles. You have to take off the plastic cap and plastic from around the bottle. You put the bottle in the round hole. The other plastic goes in the horseshoe shaped hole. There are step stools in front of the machine so kids can climb up to put their bottlesin. Click on the picture to enlarge.

The drink machines were on the other side of this small sidewalk.

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bug said...

there is a recycling machine for bottles and cans that looks a lot like that near my house! (i live in California)

Kris Bordessa said...

Annie, is this for recycling bottles?

Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Yes, it's for recycling. It looks pretty old, but I have never seen one here before.

Kris Bordessa said...

Annie, I think it's awesome that there's a recyling machine available to the public like that. There's *nothing* like that here! Matter of fact, recycling (the mass quantities at the dump type) only just came to the island in the past few years. Incredible!

(PS: I can only comment from my blogger profile, but you know where else to find me, right??)