September 22, 2007

Update-------Last Days of Historic Denison High School

A picture of Old Denison High School (in Texas) was displayed on Times Square. It is no longer available on the internet, I suppose, because it disappeared from this entry that I posted for August 1. Sorry. Here's the post:

I started taking pictures around our neighborhood here in Tokyo because things are disappearing. Fields that once grew vegetables and shops that sold tatami, traditional bedding, incense, etc. have been torn up and torn down. Life here is changing.

Back in my home state of Texas there has been an effort over the years to preserve old buildings in small towns. Somehow the old high school in Denison, Texas has fallen through the cracks. It was built on the site of one of the first graded public schools in Texas. Doc Holliday had a dentist office down the street.

They have torn down some of it. Demolition stopped until August 10th. The town was trying to save it. Its picture was posted on Times Square in New York City. I'm posting it here because I can't be there to help save it or to photograph it in its final days.


There for a while it looked like the historic building was going to be saved, but the city council decided to tear it down. Demolition started up again. In these last few days there is still an effort to save the remainder of the building, the inner square that held an amphitheater where citizens celebrated the end of World War I.

I truly hope the City Council can be convinced to save the remainder of the building. It is probably the last of its kind in Texas, built in the Spanish Revival style of architecture. Check the photos at Save Denison History

I'll start posting again in a couple of days. Our rescued kitties are keeping me busy--and tired!

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