September 08, 2007

Missing Turtle

On my way out to go shopping, I glanced over and saw this. The turtle box was empty and a young stray cat was lounging beside it. Ethel, our 18 year old turtle, was gone! I feared the worst. Aunt, Baba and Little Brother came out to help me search for Ethel in the garden. We couldn't find her. Little Brother announced that he was going to the park to look. The park is a pretty long distance for a turtle to go, but we both thought she could have crawled under the gate and out into the neighborhood. On our way out of the gate and past our neighbor's house, I glanced over and saw this:

There she was! Our neighbor had found her and put her in a flower pot. She didn't know Ethel was ours. Ethel didn't look very comfortable in the pot, but she wasn't very happy to be put back in her box. How do I know? She opened her mouth wide and hissed at me.

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