September 13, 2007

Cat & Kitten Rescue

We've been busy! We discovered a young stray cat and her four kittens in our neighbor's garden. We watched them for a few days. The mother started spending more and more time away from them. The kittens were starting to stray from their corner between the house and a shed. There are big crows that come and get into our garbage, so we were afraid the kittens were in danger. Our neighbor didn't have time to help them. So, on 9-11, we rescued them.

Because the vet's office was closed until today, I caught the mother cat this morning and took her in. (Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the cage.) She was very calm as I carried her in the cage down the street to the vet's office. She will be spayed tomorrow. Little Brother wants to keep the one with the yellow string around its neck. The vet put the strings on them to tell them apart after she bathed them to get the fleas off of them.

These are the kittens that will be given away in a few weeks.

Here are two in Baba's apron. I take the kittens downstairs. Baba and I play with them when Little Brother and Big Sister are at school. We play and cuddle with them whenever they are awake. They sleep a lot, but they keep us busy! Baba helped me take these pictures. It's hard to take pictures of kittens! These are busy kitties!
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Gina Black said...

Oh they are so cute!!