July 09, 2006

School Days: Paint Set

This is the watercolor paint set that my son has used at school since first grade. He brought it home over the weekend to clean. Yikes! It's Sunday evening, and it still hasn't gotten cleaned up! I just found it under his school bag when I was looking for something to photograph. We didn't go anywhere today. We did go to the roof garden to blow bubbles, but bubbles are hard to photograph. So, I decided to take a picture of this paint set before the sun goes down. Even though it's dirty.

Anyway, it is used in class and is kept in shelves under the window in the classroom. There are twelve tubes of paint in a plastic case, brushes in a plastic case, a palette, and a deep plastic water tray. Everything fits into the water tray and then into the bag.

He just came in from Baba's downstairs and told me he brought it home because they're not going to use it again before the summer holiday. (He has two more weeks.) So, he has all summer to clean it up. I think we ought to do it now before we forget.

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