November 07, 2006

Chrysanthemums and Tea

These chrysanthemums were just inside the entrance. There were many of them. The two starburst chrysanthemums at the end of the bottom and second shelves had papers with gold paper at the bottom. They had won a competition. I took many pictures of the
chrysanthemums. I have chosen these to post:

This one had a piece of heavy paper under it for support.

This chrysanthemum was given a tree post for support.

This is the base of the chrysanthemum plant. It was planted next to the tree post and was trained to grow up its trunk and on its branches.

There were chrysanthemums everywhere.

There were many chrysanthemums in stalls built especially for them. These stalls had bamboo screens in the back and corrugated plastic for roofs. There were purple sashes at the top. Tea was served near the red umbrella.

This display was on the steps of the temple next to the tea area.

These red chrysanthemums were part of that display.

This was set up on other steps. Kerosene heaters had aluminum tea kettles on top. Trays of tea cups and hot pots for hot water (under the tea towels) were warming in the sun.

We sat near the red umbrella and drank tea. It was served with a slice of pickle and a sweet gumdrop-like treat. I put it next to me on the bench to take this picture. It was nice to sit, drink tea and enjoy the chrysanthemums. There were many bees enjoying them, too.

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