November 24, 2006

Pine Trees

Can you see the men clipping the pine tree in this picture? They were clipping the pine trees at Jindai Botanical Gardens today.

No wooden ladders! I was shocked and saddened.

When I first saw this man, he was sprawled out on several branches. He was cutting a few pine needles at a time. It looked like he was trimming hair.

Pine needles had fallen all over the ground. They looked like they had been there for a while.

When I was walking through the pine trees, the clock in the rose garden started to chime a tune. At first I thought it was "Here Comes the Bride" but then I realized it was "O Christmas Tree".

Later when I was leaving the gardens, I noticed a small soba (noodle) shop outside the gate. It is called matsu no ki, the Pine Tree. That is a pine needle design on the lamp.

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galeta said...

It's amazing how round are these pines clipped, they seem like big bonsais! Where I live (Catalonia, Spain), people is not so meticulous clipping trees, especially not with pines! They grow as they wish.
Congratulations for your nice blog! :)