November 15, 2006


Yes, that's octopus (tako in Japanese.)

A small piece of octopus is put inside some batter. A round puff is made. Some people call them "octopus balls" in English. I just thought of calling them "octopus puffs".

Here they are served in a paper tray in a plastic box. A sauce is drizzled over them. Toppings are put on them, too. Salty smoked tuna flakes are scattered over them, too. Sometimes mayonaise is squirted on them, too. I don't know what the yellow stuff is. I didn't notice it until I downloaded the pictures. It looks like scrambled eggs, doesn't it? The pink stuff is pickled ginger. We like octopus puffs.

At this stall, she was serving them with small eggs on top. The vendors here didn't want their pictures taken but were happy to let me take pictures of their wares.

This is a choco banana stand.

Bananas dipped in chocolate. Then sprinkled. These had cookies stuck on them. Never have seen that.

These are bags of cotton candy. Someone is in the background praying at a small shrine.

Frankfurters on sticks. They were sizzling. That's grease around the two on the left. It's not a very good picture.

This stall was selling masks.

There were several stalls that were closed. Maybe they opened later when school was out. Shichi-go-san isn't a holiday from school.

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