November 10, 2006

Curb Line

I was walking down the street as a worker was putting tape along the curb. Another worker was following behind him wiping stinky glue on the curb. I didn't have the camera at the time. Later I went that way again with Big Sister and the camera. They had put a stinky white powder on top of the glue.

This is the white powder. Looks like a bicycle crossed here.

This worker was spreading the powder along the curb. It was a little windy, so some of the powder blew across the sidewalk and street. Can you see the sign painted on the sidewalk? That's a "no smoking on the street" sign.

Still smoothing it along the curb. Then he pressed it down with a roller.

On our way home we passed this way again. The tape was gone and the powder was pressed down. This white line will make it safer. We can now easily tell where the sidewalk ends and the street begins. I have seen many people stumble into the street not knowing where the curb was. I have done it, too.

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