November 15, 2006


This decoration was in the Fuchu station near Okunitama Shrine. November 15th is shichi-go-san which means seven, five, three. Seven-year-old girls, five-year-old boys (some three-year-old boys) and three-year-old girls dress up in traditional Japanese clothing or in their best clothes. They go to the shrine with their families.

Some girls go to the hairdresser to have their hair styled, especially if they are going to wear a kimono. Some have make-up put on. Most rent the kimono and an expert helps put it on. Some go to a professional photographer to have their pictures taken. People celebrate shichi-go-san in the weeks before the 15th especially if they need to reserve traditional clothing. Children are given sticks of milk candy. Families usually have a special meal.

Big Sister did not wear a kimono when she was 3. She refused. She wore a fancy dress. She wore a kimono when she was 7. Little Brother wore a boy's haori jacket and hakama trousers when he was 5. (There's a picture of a boy in them below.)

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