November 09, 2006

My Big Chrysanthemum

I had always wanted to grow a big chrysanthemum like the ones in the pictures I posted earlier this month. So, I bought three young plants in late summer. Big Sister was too busy to help. Little Brother said he was still watching his rice he planted at school in the summer. I potted them by myself.

I knew it took patience and time and care. I didn't know, however, that several buds would appear at the top of each plant. If all of the buds were kept, I thought, there would be no room for them to grow.

I plucked all but one on each plant. Still, my purple chrysanthemum didn't turn out so big. Big, but not as big as I would've liked. See the yellow one? It won't even be as big as the purple one.

To grow a big chrysanthemum takes patience, time, care and guidance! I need to find a sensei or master (teacher) to teach me. Have a look at the pictures of big chrysanthemums at the fall festivals. Click on the labels below.

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