October 15, 2006

Along Tama River

On our way to the doujou, we passed along the Tama River. There were several bridges like this along the way.

Here is a bridge for the train line. Click to enlarge and you will see a game of baseball. There was one game after another along the river. There were adult and kids' teams.

I took this picture of these apartment buildings in the morning. In reality, they aren't leaning like the Tower of Pisa. We were turning the corner as I took the picture.

This was taken in the afternoon on our way home. Those are the same apartment buildings. I took the picture through Big Sister's window so I got some of the sun shield in the top of the picture.

People play sports and have picnics down on the fields by the river. They boat, jet ski, fish and wind sail on the river. They jog and cycle up on the paved path on the embankments. There was also a field of cosmos flowers. I saw some people walking on a path through the flowers.

We think these are power stations. Click on the picture to see the birds on the wires in the background. Too bad I didn't have the zoom lens on the camera.

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