October 10, 2006

Scenes of the City

We went across town to a doctor's appointment. Here's what we saw from the car:

Heading toward Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Traffic jam. Can you see the big bowling pin? Click to enlarge the picture. The pointed building in the middle is the NTT, Nippon Telephone and Telegraph, Building. I posted a picture of it last spring.

Two new overpasses are being built. See the big flatbed truck? It seems trucks have gotten bigger over the years.

A view of a city street from an overpass. Note all the trees. They are really big ones, too.

Another view from an overpass of a city street. Are there any trees? There's a sign with something written in English. Click to enlarge.

A garbage truck about to go into a tunnel.

Another tunnel. Note the greenery and the staircase along the left side.

Here's a billboard for a canned coffee called "Boss". The man is a famous American actor. Do you know who he is?

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