October 05, 2006

Shoes on the Roof

It rained today so I didn't go out to take pictures. I took this picture on my way home from the class observation the other day. Click on the picture to enlarge it. I've been wondering if they're still there on this blustery rainy day.

Why would anyone put shoes on the roof like this? There is a balcony around on the front.


amybowllan said...

Hi Annie,

I actually prefer the shoes on the roof. Here in Queens, NY young people throw their old sneakers on the telephone poles. Why? I do not know.


Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Hi Amy,
We visited a cousin in San Fransico and saw pairs of sneakers hanging from utility wires by the laces. We were amused by the first sighting and then confused by all the others.
I was going to go down and see if these shoes were still on the roof. I especially wondered about them during the wind and rain, but it got too blustery as I made my way home from the sweet shop.
Thanks for your comments and support! Annie