October 09, 2006

Games You Can Play

Look who was waddling stiff-legged around the game center.

For 200 yen, you could try once to get one just like him. For 500 yen, you get 3 tries.

For another 100 yen, you can try to get a plastic mascot to hang from your school bag.

And then there's Pooh dressed up for Halloween. This is only a sampling of the games you can play at a game center.

Today was the official Sports Day, a day when schools all over Japan hold sports events. The schools in our area, however, alternate between May and October. This school year, they had their sports day in May. Check the archives of May2006 for the postings about Sports Day.

It would have been a beautiful day for Sports Day. It was pretty quiet in the neighborhood today. It was a three day weekend, so the neighborhood seemed empty.

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