October 03, 2006

Japanese Restaurant: Lunch

We sat down and were immediately served tea. Chopsticks and wet towelettes were on the tray. Usually wet cloth towels are given, especially at a traditional Japanese restaurant. We were given the lunch menus. We were asked to push the black button when we were ready to order. While we waited, I took pictures of the things on the table.

These were some of the choices on the menu. This is the season for mushrooms.

This is the name of the restaurant printed on the chopstick cover. Notice anything familiar?

This is a common sight on a restaurant table; soy sauce, toothpicks, and a bottle of seasoning flakes for rice. Paper napkins are sometimes on the table. They are a recent addition. In the past, a wet cotton towel was the only thing offered. It was supposed to be used to wash your hands before eating. Everyone carried tissue and a handkerchief everywhere they went. We were given a wet disposable towelette, and there were napkins on the table at this restaurant.

I took pictures of the shoe box keys.

This is the back of the keys.

I was busy taking pictures and Papa was busy making a chopstick rest out of its paper cover. People sometimes simply tie the paper cover to rest their chopsticks. This cover, however, had instructions on how to make a bird. It was time-consuming, but he did it! I was going to post the instructions, but then I noticed the © . Remember, that means that it is protected by copyright.

I ordered this set lunch. There was fish, rice, pickled cabbage, miso soup, and a savory egg custard. There was also a lightly fried tofu in sauce with crisp strips of seaweed on top.

These are pieces of ginger on top of grated daikon, the big white Japanese radish. It is a garnish for the fish.

This is what Papa ordered. There was a separate plate of fried fish, pickled vegetables, and miso soup.

There was a fried fish head.

The main dish was a seafood mixture on rice. There was one whole shrimp on top. There were also fish eggs and raw fish in it.

The bill was put in this. We took this to the register and paid.

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