October 07, 2006

It's Beginning To Look More Like Halloween

Here is a sweet pumpkin! I have mentioned before in an earlier post that people here give you the "Peace" sign when their picture is taken.

Big sister and I went shopping today. We had fun looking at Halloween decorations. Halloween displays have been in some stores since the end of September. The displays are small, but they're everywhere. In the last five years, Halloween has become more popular in Tokyo. I'm not sure about other parts of Japan.

Little by little over the years, more decorations have become available. Orange pumpkins of varying sizes can now be found. Big sister, Little Brother, and I used to use kaki, persimmons, to make little jack-o-lanterns. They were easy to cut. We took them down to the entrance and lit them for a while. Baba and Jiji came to look and enjoy them with us.

Today at this store, two salespeople were dressed in costumes. They were giving candy to children. They were happy to have their pictures taken.

P.S. This year, there were very few displays for jugoya, the day to honor the full moon. I was surprised.

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