October 11, 2006

Parking Carousel, Etc in the City

This is a parking carousel. It was slowly moving round and round. When we passed by the construction "curtain", I saw the attendant operating it. We turned a corner. It was too fast for me to take a picture of him. Too bad!

A street garden in front of a shop. The shop was a combination tobacco and hardware shop. The owners probably live upstairs so this is their only chance to garden. It faces west. That's the afternoon sun.

I've included this picture to show the reflection of the sun. See the reflection on the left? The sun is actually behind this building. It's amazing how the sun makes its way through the city.

I didn't have the zoom lens on the camera, so it is difficult to see. Click to enlarge. On the right is a fire station. The truck is gone. Next door on the left, is a store you may see in the United States. FedEx is probably all over the world.

Here is another shop you may see in the United States.

Amid all the glass and concrete, there are old Japanese things as well. This is a temple.

This is a small shrine, a place to pray.

This is the main gate for Tokyo University, one of the oldest and best universities in Japan.

I took this picture because of the futon hanging out the window on this busy urban street.

is a chain of restaurants that serve "beef bowl", cooked beef on rice. I guess you could call it a Japanese fast food. I'll try to get pictures from inside sometime.

See the old man on the bicycle? He's got a lot of newspapers in his back basket, so I think he's delivering them. He has some in the front basket, too. At first, I thought he was riding along and reading at the same time. I had a taxi driver once in Malaysia who drove as he read his novel. That was scary!

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