October 04, 2006

Neighborhood Festival

This park was decorated for a festival last weekend.

The slide was covered with a big blue tarp.

Food and game booths were set up. Cotton candy was served on wooden chopsticks. There were prizes for the games. Everything was free. Everyone was having a good time.

At this neighborhood festival, a drum is beaten all day and evening. It stands in the park and is beaten. Anyone can drum.

The drum is rolled and beaten through the streets several times. Two women followed the group pushing a cart of juice cartons.

I took advantage of the good weather to do some work in the garden. I missed the procession every time it passed our house. When I heard it coming, I ran out with the camera, but it had already passed. They were fast! This is the only picture I got. I was too muddy to follow.

I thought I would take pictures the next day, but it rained. No more festival in our neighborhood. No more drumming. Other neighborhoods will have festivals. I'll try to get some pictures of the games they play.

By the way, who is the guy in the red shirt? I have no idea, but he's in almost every picture!

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