October 21, 2006

Taro and Potatoes

I've posted pictures of taro. These are yatsugashira. Their stems are red and their leaves are different.

I have waited to get a picture of them during harvest. Here they are as they are harvested. They are dug up. The stalks are cut. The taro is then placed in a tub and made ready for sale.

Here they are at a vegetable stand. These are rather clean. I have seen them in plastic bags in stores with dirt still on them. I will try to get a picture of them cooked and prepared to eat. They are not our favorite. They are sticky and slimy. We rarely eat them, but Baba and Aunt do. They share.

This is the vegetable stand where I found the box of clean taro. It is near a small station.

Here is the box of taro along with other vegetables and potatoes. Do you see the box of big Japanese radishes or daikon?

These are satsumaimo or sweet potatoes. They are not orange inside like American sweet potatoes. We eat a lot of these through the winter. I will show you later.

These are regular potatoes or jagaimo. They are smaller and have thinner skins than Idaho potatoes.

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