October 03, 2006

Japanese Restaurant

At this Japanese restaurant, we had to take our shoes off. Fortunately, there were locked compartments for our shoes. (My shoes were taken by mistake while we were on vacation in August. See "Inside a Thatched Roof House".)

This is the key in the lock. We put our shoes in two separate compartments and removed the wooden keys.

There were no slippers provided so we walked through the restaurant on shiny, beautiful wooden floors. Papa had socks on, I was barefoot. We sat near the windows. These are the seats across from us. We stepped down to sit. There was a well under the table so we didn't have to sit Japanese-style (on our shins). We sat on cushions on benches. There was tatami or grass mats under the table.

There was a shoe horn provided to use on the way out.

In the vestibule, there was a place to put umbrellas. It wasn't a rainy day. These cheap white umbrellas were left here.

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