October 08, 2006

View from the Roof, Views of Mt. Fuji

On a clear day, you can see pretty far even in Tokyo with all the obstructions. We are lucky enough to have a view of Mt. Fuji from our roof garden. Though Mt. Fuji is far away, many people in Tokyo have a view of it. Before the neighbors built their house next door, Big Sister and Little Brother could see the mountain from their bedrooms. Unfortunately, a year or so ago, more utility poles were put up and wires were draped across our view. We still enjoy the view, though. Today Mt. Fuji had a small cloud caught on top. In the summer, Mt. Fuji is rarely seen. It is surrounded by clouds.

Even though it was a clear day today, it was hazy around the mountain. It was a clear blustery day. It was too blustery to go anywhere, so these are the only pictures I got. There is an eighteen story apartment house being built down our street. This is the view of it. It will tower in the distance over our neighbors' red roof and our roof garden. It will block some of our sky. We can still see some of the range of mountains (on the right). Mt. Fuji is more to the right and is not in the picture.

Mt. Fuji at sunset from our roof garden.

Another view at sunset. This is the actual view from our roof. The other pictures were taken with a telephoto lens.

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