October 13, 2006

On the City Street

When we went into the city the other day, we parked the car on the street. Here are some of the things I saw while I waited for Papa. He ran an arrand. Above is a sign on the street. It asks us not to feed the pigeons. It goes on to warn us about the dangers of pigeons; salmonella, mites, allergies, etc.

(The crowd in the background is waiting to cross the street.)

I turned around and saw this sign on the sidewalk. It was near the pigeon sign. This sign asks us not to walk and smoke. It is against the law. I had seen commercials on TV advising us not to smoke on the street. I had never seen signs like these.

On the way home from our little train station yesterday, I saw a big sign like this one had recently been painted on our sidewalk. There was a stream of people going down the narrow sidewalk, so I couldn't stop to take a picture.

This is the parking meter. For 300 yen, we could park for 30 minutes. We didn't stay that long.

This is one of the manhole covers for this area. The design is a sakura or cherry blossom.

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