October 30, 2006

Junior High Fall Festival

Junior high schools have fall festivals to show their work. Parents visit. It is like an "open
house. " Sixth graders from elementary schools and their parents visit the festivals, too. After elementary school, students must choose a junior high school. They visit during festival time to see if they like the school.

Here is the shoe cabinet at the entrance. (You may remember seeing the photo of the shoe shelves at the elementary school.) These shelves are filled with students' street shoes. They put on sneakers that are worn only inside the school. Sorry, this is not a very good picture!

Visitors must take off their shoes and put on slippers that they have brought from home. Usually visitors carry their street shoes in a plastic bag at crowded events. There's not much shelf room for visitors' street shoes.

This is a sink in the courtyard outside the entrance. Students can wash their hands here.

Outside the office, there was this metal box with a sign that read "AED Automatic External Defibrillator". It is a device to help people who are having a heart attack. I have posted a picture of one in a train station and one at a highway rest stop. Putting these devices in public places is new. Over the 18 years I have been here, ambulances didn't have these devices.

The wooden and glass case is a "lost and found" on one of the floors of the school. It looks like there are a couple of bags and some clothes in it.

Rooms were set up with students' work. This is the art room.

I went to the music room to listen to the choir. They sang several songs. They sang one in English that you may know, "Hail Holy Queen." You may have sung it or heard it at church or heard it in a movie called "Sister Act." I was surprised the teacher chose this song. Papa told me the song is very popular with choirs and singing groups. It is often sung in school choir performances. These junior high students did a really good job. They had good pronunciation and were very lively.

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