October 25, 2006

On the Streets Where I Live

These are clam shells. They are lined up in a flower bed. Maybe it's feng shui. This flower bed faces a busy street. Maybe the shells were put there to prevent slugs or bugs from entering and eating their plants. I'm not sure why.

This is a balcony of an apartment building. Those are washing machines. Some people don't have room in their apartment or house for a washing machine. They don't have garages so if they are lucky, they put them on balconies. This balcony was built with spaces to put washing machines. The machines are right in front of the front doors.

This second floor apartment has a big garden on its veranda. At first, I thought the third floor apartment had a washing machine on its balcony. It was a big water tank.


Han said...

What a nice site!

Greetings from Rotterdam, Holland.

Han de Jonge

Yodelemma said...

You have a very interesting blog- Thanks! I've always been interested in Japan. It seems like the most foreign of foreign countries to me.

tyndra said...

hello there,

I just visited your blog and had a look at your pictures. It´s very interesting for me (living in Austria) to see how you live and what you see every day.

go ahead, I like your blog!


Annie Donwerth Chikamatsu said...

Thanks for your comments. Mike S. sent a comment, too, but it was deleted by mistake. My mistake. Sorry, Mike.