September 15, 2006

An Alternative Ice Cream & An Alternative Source of Energy

Have you ever had potato ice cream? Maybe it's not an option where you live. Ice cream made with potatoes can be found here in Japan. There is a sweet purple potato that is made into ice cream. There is also just plain potato ice cream. Here is a picture of a potato ice cream that has matcha or green tea powder in it.

(This picture was taken in the summer. See the sign for kakigori or snow cones? I posted a picture on July 26th. The signs are no longer around. You can't buy snow cones anymore. Summer is gone.)

Here is a city bus that uses compressed natural gas. It is much smaller than other buses in the Tokyo area. I think there are some cities in the U.S. that use alternative sources of energy for their buses. There are probably some in other parts of the world, too.

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Susan said...

In Malaysia, I never saw potato ice cream. However, corn found its way into many places that were new to me. For example, you could easily find corn-flavored ice cream. In the food courts of shopping malls, there would be a booth selling nothing but cups of buttered corn. When you go to the movie theater, instead of the buttered and salted popcorn that I am used to in the USA, you could buy a cup of buttered corn, or you could by carmelcorn. it looks liked buttered popcorn but the yellow coating is sweet. We were very surprised when we took our first bite!