September 18, 2006

In Memory of Our Garden's Gardeners

Great-grandfather loved plants. He spent most of his time taking care of his garden. He made his own compost and his plants were healthy. There was always something blooming. Great-grandfather lived until he was 90 years old. He passed away over 12 years ago.

Grandfather, his son, then inherited the garden. He wasn't an enthusiastic gardener, but he enjoyed creating a display of morning glories outside the gate every summer. He watered all of the other plants when they needed it. He passed away three years ago. Now I have inherited the work in the garden. It is a lot of work.

These chrysanthemums were in that white container for many years. They have been outside our garden gate, but they are ours to take care of. Sadly, they have been neglected. There were some candy wrappers and an old tennis ball left in them. Even so, they continued to bloom.

They weren't doing well. Grandmother suggested we throw them away. They have been here for so long. Great-grandfather planted and took care of them. Grandfather watered them. I thought I would repot them. I decided to do it before Appreciation for the Elderly Day (today).

I hope they do better now. I don't make compost, but I do my best. Here is what they look like today. They look better, but I wonder if they will bloom this fall. I separated and cut them back a lot.

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