September 26, 2006

School Days: Erasers That Clean Up

I'm sure you've seen that big happy face before, but do you know what this thing does? It sweeps up eraser bits. After you erase something there's usually some small dirty pieces leftover, right? What do you do with them? We used to brush them away. But where would they go? By the way, do we have a word for them in English? I'll call them "eraser bits".

Anyway, this thing can be rolled over the eraser bits, and it will sweep them up into a small bin. Can you see the little black wheels, the big yellow wheels, and the pink bristles? I guess we would call this an eraser sweeper.

The yellow bin can be opened to empty it. The yellow green thing is an eraser. It has a plastic cover to keep it clean. It's that thing with the yellow and green dots. It also has a roller that picks up eraser bits. They stick to the plastic roller and fall into a little bin under it. The roller can be taken off to empty the bin. The roller has its own cover, too. It swings up and down. I imagine these devices help keep the floor clean, and they reduce traffic to the trash can.

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