September 07, 2006

Elephant Ears?

This looks like a plant we call Elephant Ears in the States (at least where I come from). This is the field behind our house. There are a lot of these plants in the fields in my neighborhood. They get as high as an elephant's eye.

These plants are called sato imo. Imo means potato. Actually, these plants are taro plants. I will post a picture when they are harvested. I am sure I will post other pictures of the plants. Water beads up on them and they look like crystals.

There are different kinds of potatoes here. Some are like the ones that are sold in the U.S. They have thinner skins, though. They are used in stews and curries. One fall day when my children were in kindergarten, they had to wear their rain boots and take a shovel to school. They went to dig potatoes. They brought some of them home. They also went once in elementary school. They peeled and cut the potatoes to put in a curry. They ate it for lunch.

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