September 19, 2006

Masatoshi Koshiba, Nobel Prize in Physics 2002

Masatoshi Koshiba, one of the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002, came to Big Sister's junior high school today. Co-recipients of the prize that year were Raymond Davis, Jr. and Riccardo Giacconi. All had worked independently on different projects.

Dr. Koshiba gave a speech about his life and his work with neutrinos. Big Sister was one of five students chosen to ask him questions. She had read his work on the internet beforehand. She sat with the others on stage and was able to shake his hand afterwards. He was given a bouquet of flowers. Speakers usually receive a bouquet as a gesture of appreciation. Today was his 80th birthday, too.

I took this picture as he walked through the audience to leave the gym. Unfortunately all of my other pictures turned out blurry! So this one is precious.

P.S. When we were all home after school, I commented to Big Sister that she had shaken a famous person's hand today. Little brother said, "Don't wash that hand today!" She said she had already touched a zokin, the rag that students use to wash the floors! They had to clean up today. (Search this blog for "School Days" to see a picture of a zokin and other school items.)

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