September 10, 2006

Changing Trains

Big Sister went to a school festival today. She is in her last year of junior high school. Part of her summer homework was to make appointments to visit at least three schools. Going to their fall festivals will give her an idea which one to choose. She will take exams for three schools in January or February.

Litle Brother and I went out to lunch today. We got to ride in a new train on our usual train line. We sat and compared it to the old ones. We decided it was much nicer.

I will post a picture of the inside of an old train later. The new one seemed larger. We noticed the windows were larger and they were tinted. Even so, the sun was hot. A lady jumped up to pull down the shades, but there weren't any. This new, improved train had no shades.

This sign is in most corner seats of trains. Can you figure out what it says by looking at the pictures? There are priority seats on buses, too.

Walking home from the station, I was thinking of Grandparents' Day when all of a sudden a very old man zoomed past us on his bicycle. He was holding a cane in one hand while gripping the handlebar!

It reminded me of a friend who was using a cane because she had hurt her foot. I went with her to the airport. She was about to miss her plane so she took off running. Running with a cane. That's what you would call "mind over body". That seems hopeful to me. Just yesterday I posted about carts with seats for the elderly. Today I saw another exceptional old person.

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