September 25, 2006

Lunch at Big Boy Restaurant, Tokyo

The menu at Big Boy has mostly chicken and beef. Actually, as I recall, there is no Japanese food on the menu. "Hamburg" or what we call "hamburger steak" is a common dish at family restaurants here. Papa ordered hamburg recently at Big Boy. Have you ever seen anything like this?

The one in the picture had green and red peppers on it. The meat was really thick. At Big Boy before hamburg is served, the waiter cuts it in half and flips it with the cut side down on the serving dish which is really a hot grill. It sizzles.

The waiter puts a big napkin on the table. The dish is placed on the edge of the napkin. The customer holds the napkin up to shield her clothes. A metal frame is placed over the dish. Then the waiter pours sauce onto the hot hamburg. The napkin is then quickly draped over the frame as the whole dish sizzles.

This round black thing is a very hot grill. A piece of meat can be put on it to cook it a little more.

The waiter brings food out on a cart like this. This is someone else's lunch. I took this picture to show you all the plates of rice. There is an option of a plate of rice or two rolls.

This is where the waiter puts the bill. When I first came to Japan in 1988, there weren't any "No Smoking" areas. Now, there are many.

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