September 28, 2006

A Sign of Fall

Today on the way to the hardware store, I saw this dragonfly. I have posted a blue dragonfly, a green dragonfly, and masses of dragonflies of an unknown color. (It was sunset at the time and we couldn't tell). This dragonfly was red. I read that red dragonflies come down from the highlands near the end of September. It is a sign of fall in Japan.

I have to admit that I waited for this dragonfly to light on this car's antenna. I wanted the smiley face looking down on it. That's what I had seen when I first walked up. The dragonfly then moved to another antenna. I had photographed dragonflies before so I knew it would keep making the rounds among two or three spots. I was right. It did. I had to wait a while. I snapped this photo really fast so it's not as close as I would have liked. She flew away so I didn't get another chance. Oh, the car was a yellow Volkswagon. We used to call them "Volkswagon Beetles" or "Bugs".

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